Last Projects :


architectural sevices
  • design and planning
  • building condition audis and project evaluation assessment.
  • public registry services/submittals review
  • Construction Observation (by an architect)

legal services

construction law and legal services
  • cadastral unit analyzes, finding/preparing documentation, arraging legally
  • negotiation of application until local authority decision


topographyc/geodesic services
  • cadastral plan/map preparation
  • taking photos of construction site
  • finding/analising the construction site


engineering-construction services
  • constructive project
  • expert assessment/conclusion of constructive project
  • Construction Observation by an engineer


dendrologiyc projects and services
  •  geological research
  • expert assessment of geological research

road services

road services and traffic organizing
  • temporary traffic scheme        
  • constant traffic scheme
  • traffic scheme indicating streams and directions
  • complete survey of  traffic movement, according to areas and nodes.


consultation for construction pertmit
  •  land survey, determining k coefficients

in addition

additional services
  • negotiation with land owners, agreement preparations
  •  establishment of sales service
  • marketing campaign. (social media, creating a web page, etc.)

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