In 2007, a group of young people brought together creative ideas, with the result that the organization created a single project based on the idea Maximum Idea, a company called Imax, which created architects, engineers, surveyors, geologists, designers and lawyers. The joint product was created as “Architectural and Legal Services”. The essence of the project is to resolve all legal issues necessary for the provision of building and permitting services “Imax” - also Imax resolves all issues of the project, and before the customer comfortably drinks coffee in a chair, the professional team Imax (lawyer, top surveyor, geologist, designer, architect, builder, etc.) decide everything so that a satisfied customer will direct his friends to the door of our office. So, Imax offers clients a full range of services in its segment, building permits, legal services, land surveys, topogeodesy, geology, engineering and expert reports, measurement drawings, architecture, design conclusions and projects. Our motto is a satisfied customer, and therefore we help in the construction and design of buildings.

the heads

David Shavtvaladze
The founding director
Giorgi shavtvaladze
financial director

Our team

Qualified and experienced team.
Everything is possible with us!

George Grigolia
Chief Architect
Otar Khelashvili
Giorgi Khatrishvili
David Munjishvili
Lika Gachechiladze
Office manager
Sophie Zarandia

Our Partniors

Construction Company "Royal Development"
Construction Company "Kale +"
Geodesic Firm "New Line"
Construction Company "MN Development"
Design Studio "Enka"
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